Cabot Transfer Pricing

13 + 14 June 2024
Courtyard by Marriott Bucharest Floreasca - see on map

Into the world of VAT Day I

1. Operations in the scope of VAT, operations assimilated to deliveries or services, from the perspective of VAT.

2. Which operations are taxable in Romania, which are exempt and conditions for exemption.

3. Taxable persons and non-taxable persons.

4. Place of operation and persons obliged to pay the tax.

5. What are the applicable VAT rates in 2024.

6. VAT regime applicable to real estate transactions.

7. When the generating fact and the VAT chargeability come into play. How we treat advances correctly.

8. VAT deductibility and what conditions must be met to benefit from deductibility: form (especially in the context of e-Factura), and, in particular, substance. Limitations on the right to deduct.

9. Q&A Session

Day II

1. Taxable persons with mixed regime: pro rata deduction – when applied, how to calculate elements that are not included in the pro rata calculation.

2. Correlations between expense deductibility and VAT deductibility. Under what conditions does a non-deductible expense attract VAT non-deductibility.

3. What elements are included in the VAT taxable base and under what conditions must it be adjusted - price reductions, contract cancellations, bankruptcy, insolvency.

4. VAT adjustments: when and how the VAT adjustment is calculated.

5. VAT adjustment in the context of transfer pricing.

6. Simplification measures for operations on the national territory.

7. RO e-VAT. Correlation with RO e-Factura, RO e-Transport. What to expect this summer.

8. Q&A Session

Our classes have the following daily timetable:

09.30 – welcome coffee & networking
10.00 – 13.00 – working session
13.00 – 14.00 – complimentary lunch
14.00 – 17.00 – working session

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