Cabot Transfer Pricing

CFO Conference, September 20, 2021September 22 , 2021

On Monday, September 20, I took part as a BusinessMark speaker at one of the annual events already on the public agenda – CFO Conference.

It was a day full of questions, answers, dialogue between specialists. The Romanian fiscal landscape, especially that of transfer pricing, continues to be a source of concern, all the more so since the fiscal inspection is not standardized or standardizable.

I enjoyed listening to the perspective of Mr. Emanuel Băncilă (Radu & Asociații) on the tax inspection of the transfer pricing file, namely that there is indeed a certain clearly directed interest of the inspectors towards elements considered to be at risk. It is also my opinion that this element must generate maximum attention from the taxpayer, coming against the backdrop of procedurally unclear legislation, and a high pressure to collect money from the state budget.

I was pleased to hear from the CFOs present about the increased role of the CFO in the life of the company, and the need for the CFO to be an active part of the management decision-making process in a hyper-regulated fiscal environment strategic of the company. The function of CFO already assuming the taxation part, by the way.

As I said, a full day. And especially useful in that it brings together professionals with the same concerns, who can really support each other.

See you at the next CFO Conference, thanks BusinessMark for the invitation!

Alina Andrei
Managing Partner


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