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Alina Andrei @ CFO Conference May 15, 2023 – Cluj-Napoca

Alina Andrei @ CFO Conference May 15, 2023 - Cluj-Napoca
  • 15 May 2023
  • Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca

The impact of the events of recent years on the economic environment and on businesses is not easy to manage. Blockages at the supply chain level, high costs, inflation, rising interest rates – all are aspects that a CFO must manage without forgetting, however, the company’s long-term growth objectives, business needs, market evolution, changing customer and employee expectations. How do CFOs manage to increase the resilience of companies, to navigate in a volatile environment, keeping their eyes on the future and what it represents for finance and business departments: new technologies, data-driven decisions, changing the skill set required for employees, compliance with ESG norms, etc.?

During the event, legislative and fiscal trends at the international level, the main changes and regulations of the Fiscal Code and the Fiscal Procedure Code and the fiscal challenges of 2023 will be presented and analyzed at the same time.

The Cluj-Napoca edition of the CFO Conference event will bring together financial leaders for discussions, exchange of ideas and case studies. We are waiting for you on May 15, 2023 in Cluj-Napoca, at the Grand Hotel Italia.

Event organizer – BusinessMark