CABOT @ Tax Eu Forum 2023February 18, 2023

The Cabot Transfer Pricing seminar at the Tax EU Forum was a real success, for which we thank the organizers Evensys and the event participants! January 9 and 10, 2023 were two days full of intense and relevant discussions about the state of tax legislation both at the Romanian and European level, two days in which tax professionals exchanged valuable information and solutions.

We were very pleased with the interest of the participants in the Cabot Transfer Pricing seminar – by the way, we had a full hall! – for the full range of topics covered – the international context of taxation and transfer pricing, the tax changes applicable in 2023 – SAF-T, e-Transport, e-Invoice, the tax regime of micro-enterprises, the new system of salary deductions. I answered the questions related to the submission of the Country Report, the analysis of transfer prices in the context of the fiscal novelties of 2023, and I noted a particular interest of the participants in the salary benefits regime and their taxation.

Cabot Transfer Pricing’s expertise regarding the already implemented or future European legislation brought light in several courts – where the questions were about legislative forecasts, and the direct experience of our clients in the framework of tax audits where we have assisted over time had a decisive say. We presented as a team – Alina Andrei and Cristina Săulescu – Cabot Transfer Pricing Partners and answered the question session also as a team, together with our colleague Marian-Victor Ciobanu.

Alina Andrei

Tax & Transfer Pricing Partner

Cristina Săulescu

Tax & Transfer Pricing Partner


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